Cable Car Museum, August 1997

We visited the San Francisco Cable Car Museum. This is actually a small museum and the powerhouse for the four operating cable car lines. It’s a real Rube Goldberg operation, yet it works somehow. The longest line has in excess of 21,000 feet of steel cable running around underneath the streets.

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San Francisco Skyline (Part 2), August 1997

We wanted to take a look at the San Francisco skyline from the TransAmerica Pyramid, but the building was closed for the weekend. So we went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel instead; the building contains a number of beautiful glass walkways over 40 stories up.

The hotel is visible in the photo below; it’s the tall building to the right of the TransAmerica Pyramid. Click the image to see the rest of the skyline photos.

Napa Valley, August 1997

Holly and I drove up to Napa Valley for a day; it’s a really nice place to visit.

We visited the Sterling Vineyards Winery, partially because it has a pretty nifty sky tram from which one can see a lot of Napa Valley. The winery tour itself was pretty interesting as well; even relatively small vineyards have to work on a fairly massive scale (note the size of those tanks!)

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