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Lexus GS400, June 1998

February 2014: I found these photos of my 1998 Lexus GS400, taken in June 1998. I’d just made the (fairly significant) upgrade from my 1992 Honda Civic and originally put these together to send to my brother Matthew, who was studying automotive design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

In-car navigation was a new thing and a Really Big Deal, so there are a bunch of photos of the car’s navigation system in operation since I thought Matthew would be interested.

I still drive a relative of this vehicle (2013 GS450h) today.

Click the image below for the full set of photos.

Online Stock Trading System circa 1997

February 2014: I found these photos of the equipment used in one of my early security consulting projects. This was the gear used to support Europe’s first Internet-accessible stock trading system:


There were two firewalls in this configuration (separating the DMZ from internal and external networks), plus two application processors. All of these were built atop Sun Ultra 1 systems (each one featured a 143 MHz processor, 32M RAM, and a 1GB disk for about $16,000 in 1997 dollars).