The Blizzard

Snow began here around 10pm on January 6; it ended about 10am on January 8. We got plenty of snow (in excess of two feet). These pictures were shot using an Apple QuickTake digital camera after I finished digging a trench down our driveway so that it might be possible to get the cars out.

As you can see, we got an unbelievable amount of snow. It’s piled up on either side of our Car Trench (tm), but it was at least half this depth when I started shoveling.

I actually shoveled this trench last night (1/7/96), which turned out to be a big mistake. Overnight, the wind combined with some additional snow so that by this morning, it was virtually impossible to tell I’d done anything at all to clear the driveway. After spending the morning complaining about this development, I started over again this afternoon.

This shot was taken from across the street.

One of the hazards of living in a townhouse community is that it’s difficult to find a place to put the snow which isn’t in the way of something else. Fortunately for my neighbors, the licensing fees that I charged for the Car Trench (tm) concept were really quite reasonable.

This, too, was shot from across the street; it’s another row of townhouses and the associated mess of snow. Notice how little snow remains on the rooftops; we got lots of wind toward the end of the snowstorm.

An entrance for Interstate 66 West isn’t too far from my house; I walked up the street to see what conditions looked like. This is the best-plowed stretch of road I’d seen all day.

Here’s another view taken from about the same vantage point; the road in the foreground is Virginia Center Boulevard, which runs right alongside the north side of the Vienna Metro station.

Speaking of the Vienna Metro station, here’s what things looked like from the bridge crossing I-66 just west of the station.

The aboveground portions of the Metro system were closed today, and it’s obvious why when you look at this picture. Interstate 66 is visible on either side of this picture; it’s not in particularly great shape either.